Sacrum - the triangular shaped bone that is formed below the lumbar spine and joins the two sides of the pelvis

Sciatica - refers to the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which contains multiple nerves from the lower back that run down into both legs.  Inflammation of the sciatic nerve can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness of the leg

Scoliosis - is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine commonly caused by the abnormal development of the spine during childhood.  Scoliosis can be an inherited condition and is often screened for during childhood development

Sensory - the area of the nerve responsible for “feeling” certain sensations

Slipped disc - a term often incorrectly used to describe a bulging or herniated disc

SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique) - a technique that utilizes specific positionings of the body and the patient’s own body weight to normalize the spinal alignment

Spasm - the involuntary contraction or tightening of muscles due to injury or pain

Spinal adjustment - is the manipulation of the spinal segments in order to correct misalignments

Spinal nerves - the 24 pairs of nerves that exit the spinal cord

Spinous process - the posterior protruding area of the spine that can be seen or felt along the back

Sports Injury - injuries that occur while participating in sports that may be due to impact, accidents, improper stretching, or improper form.  Diagnosing and treating these injuries quickly may help to prevent further damage to the athlete as well as prevent the injury from becoming a recurring problem

Subjective - the problems described by the patient such as their symptoms of pain, headaches, etc.

Subluxation - what a vertebra or joint moves out of its normal position.  Often times subluxations may not cause pain immediately, but rather the pain can build up over time as other issues arise from the improper motion of the joint segment

Superior - the upper or higher position on the body

Supine - lying on your back with the face upward

Sympathic - the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling the various movements of the body

Symptom - a physiological response within the body that acts as a warning to something being wrong.  Symptoms from musculoskeletal problems commonly show up as pain, numbness, and tingling

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