Pain - a symptom of the body responding to abnormal processes that allow you to know that something may be going wrong.

Palpation - a procedure involving examination of the body to determine abnormalities

Paresthesia - is the loss or change in normal sensation

Parasympathetic - a part of the nervous system that controls and regulates the body systems

Pathology - a disease process

Pediatrics - the treatment and care for infants and children

Peripheral Nervous System - the part of the nervous system that connects the central nervous system to the rest of the body

Physiology - the science of all life processes, activities, and functions that are vital to survival

Pinched nerves - often used by patients to describe pain coming from their back or spine, but it may not actually be the reason for their pain

Posterior - towards the back of the body

Preventative care - also known as maintenance care, describes the care of an existing patient that is designed to prevent the worsening or recurrence of a certain condition after previous treatment has helped alleviate the problem.

Prognosis - the possible course and outcome of a given disease or injury as well as the chances of recovery

Prone - lying face down

Proprioceptors - are the sensory portion of the nerves that convey information to the brain about the movement and position of the body

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