Degeneration - refers to the wear and tear that may occur over time within the body  

Degenerative disc disease - is the drying and thinning of the vertebral discs due to wear and tear

Degenerative joint disease - also known as osteoarthritis, is a condition in which the joints of the body begin to wear out

Dermatomes - neurological tests that are used to determine the sensitivity and sensations that a certain area of skin has

Diagnosis - determining a certain health condition upon examination and testing

Diagnostic imaging - the use of CT, MRI, x-rays, EMG, and other devices that create images of the body

Disability - a partial or complete loss of physical and/or mental capabilities due to injury or disease

Disc - also known as intervertebral disc, is the cartilage that provides cushion between the spinal vertebrae.  The disc provides protection to the nervous system and also provides shock absorption for the spine

Disc Herniation - often used to describe the disc when it has shifted or protruded outward from its normal position and is causing irritation on the surrounding nerves or spinal cord

Disease - a deviation or absence of health within any tissue, organ, or system of the body as the result of a condition where the body has lost its ability to heal itself


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