Backache - refers to back pain, which is one of the most common ailments that people seek out chiropractic treatment

Bells Palsy - is a condition affecting the nerves of the face.  It can cause severe pain along with muscle spasms and drooping of facial features.  The condition is often temporary and may last for days or several months

Bilateral - refers to both sides of the body

Blocking - a technique that utilizes wedge shaped blocks that are used by chiropractors to reposition the pelvis when it is out of its proper alignment

Bone spur - a calcium deposit put down by the body in response to an injury, disease, or incorrect position and/or motion of a joint over an extended period of time

Bursitis - is the inflammation of a bursa, which is a fluid filled sac that body uses to reduce friction under certain tissue structures (ex; knee and shoulder)

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