Kinesiology Taping

If you have watched much sports over the past several years then you most likely have seen an athlete with kinesiolgy tape, also known as K-Tape.  It comes in many colors and is used in a variety of patterns.  Each pattern provides a unique form of support to the body.  This form of athletic tape is often used to help improve in edema and pain reduction.  It accomplishes this by creating a lifting effect on the surface of the skin.  It can be applied with varying tensions and directions to accomplish different therapeutic benefits.  Unlike your traditional support tape, K-Tape does not restrict movement while providing support.  It has a unique weaved pattern that allows for unrestricted movement throughout the dynamic maneuvers that are required in sports.


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Even though you typically see K-Tape on athletes, it can also be used for many soft tissue injuries that happen to people in everyday life.  Often times when someone injures their neck or back the muscles are affected along with the joints.  This can cause weaknesses within the muscles.  These weakened muscles can be supported by K-tape to help alleviate pain and provide stability.

K-Tape is commonly used to treat:

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