Functional Orthotics

The feet can be thought of as the base of your entire structure.  You stand on your feet everyday and don't pay much attention to them unless they start causing problems.  If the feet are out of alignment or off balance, then the whole structure can be compromised as well.  Other than just foot pain, it can lead to knee problems, leg pain, hip discomfort, and lower back pain.   All of these structures are interconnected.  If you treat the knee and back pain without treating the foot as well, the problems may continue to persist.

Foot Levelers is a company that is at the forefront of functional foot orthotics.  They have created an orthotic that supports all three interconnected arches within the foot, whereas most insoles only provide support for one of the arches.  This helps provide stability to the plantar vault, which helps the entire body regain equilibrium and support.

Each set of functional orthotics are specifically molded and created for you individual needs.  We take a cast of your foot and send it to the manufacturer with certain specifications in mind to help improve your overall health.  Our goal is to bring your feet and body back into proper alignment by making sure that the feet are supported correctly.  Often times, people begin to lose the arches of their feet due to injury, age, heredity, weight, and posture.  As you lose the arches in the feet, your foot tends to pronate outwards and cause an improper distribution of weight on the feet.  Below are some pictures of weight distribution of different types of feet.

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         Optimal Foot                                         Mild Foot Pronation                                  Moderate Foot Pronation                             Severe Foot Pronation                      


Our functional orthotics are individually created with your specific needs in mind.  We believe that correcting imbalances within the feet can help restore proper alignment to the rest of your body.

Give us a call today and we will work to get you back into proper alignment!



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